Closed Circuit Television Systems

We take pride in installing CCTV systems that deliver both clarity and ease of use for clients in every sector of industry. 

We are supported by the following reputable suppliers of IP (Internet Protocol) and analogue CCTV equipment:

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We design CCTV systems to meet your requirements and to meet your budget. Our flexible finance packages make it affordable for most organisations to install a good-quality system which pays dividends from Day One.

Equipment is installed to a quality level as detailed in our installation standards and will not be signed off by our technical management until it meets these criteria in every respect. 

All of the systems we install are serviced regularly by our technical staff to ensure that you get the quality image you need for the life of the system. 

We encourage clients to consider IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV systems which deliver unparalleled image clarity, or an analogue system with a high-performance DVR (digital video recorder). We would be happy to discuss the respective advantages and costs of both options with you.   

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